Posted: 12/09/15


Rankin County Sheriff Warns Citizen That Jury Duty Scam is Happening Again


            From December 4th thru the 8th, 2015, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office has received nine complaints of a telephone jury duty scam targeting citizens of Rankin County.


            In all of the cases the citizens were contacted by male suspects who stated they were deputies with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office. The suspects told the victims that they had missed jury duty and a warrant had been issued for their arrest. The victims were all told that the only way to avoid arrest was to immediately pay a fine ranging from $500.00 to $900.00.


            The “Spoofed” numbers showing up on the victims’ caller ID were:





            The fictitious deputies names used were:

            Lt. Haines

            Deputy Bradley

            Deputy David Bradley

            Cpl. Wright


            Sheriff Bryan Bailey wants the citizens to know that no deputy would ever call and ask for money over the telephone. All court fines are collected by the courts, not the sheriff. A proper receipt is always issued to a person paying fines in Rankin County. In my 29 years of law enforcement I have never seen anyone arrested for not reporting for jury duty.


            Sheriff Bailey wants all citizens to also be on guard for anyone who calls about any issue and it involves a “Green Dot” card or gift card. It is a scam and hang up and contact the sheriff’s office or local law enforcement immediately. Do not conduct any business transactions over the phone that you did not initiate.


               This investigation is continuing and deputies are trying to trace the fake numbers used in the scam, it is strongly suspected that these calls are originating from out of state. 



Posted: 01/14/2014

Local law enforcement agencies are investigating potential scams using"GREEN DOT MONEYPAK CARDS". These cards are usually purchased at drug stores and larger retail establishments such as Target and Wal-Mart. Authorities wish to inform the public to be wary of any call, e mail, letter, or any communication which directs a person to purchase a Green Dot Card for the purpose of paying a debt, fine, or monetary obligation, or tax/fee for collection of a prize. The public should also be wary if the scammer threatens to impose a fine, fee, or arrest if the potential victim fails to follow the scammers instructions.The scammers are known to represent themselves as law enforcement, utility companies, prize clearing houses,or well known legitimate businesses.The scammer can be male or female and will sound as if they have accurate information about their target. If one feels they are being targeted, make note of the incoming phone number which could be local, out of state, or international and contact their local law enforcement agency. IF ANYONE HAS INFORMATION THAT MAY LEAD TO THE ARREST OR CONVICTION OF SUSPECTS IN THIS SCAM, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OR CRIME STOPPERS AT:

601-355- TIPS(8477), through the web tip link on this site or through Text A Tip.  


Tips to prevent being scammed with a moneypak card:


• Treat your MoneyPak number the way you treat your cash and your wallet. The best way to protect yourself from being ripped off is to be aware of common scams.

• Never give your MoneyPak number to someone you don’t know.

• Never give receipt information about your MoneyPak purchase to another party.

• Use your MoneyPak only to reload your prepaid cards or accounts you control.

• Refuse any offer that asks you to buy a MoneyPak and share the number or receipt information by email or phone.

• To use your MoneyPak with PayPal or eBay or other online merchants, transfer the money to your PayPal account before you pay the merchant. Don’t email your MoneyPak number directly to any merchant.

• Don’t use the MoneyPak to pay taxes or fees to claim “winnings” on a foreign lottery or prize promotion. Unless it’s an approved MoneyPak partner, don’t use MoneyPak for any offer that requires you to pay before you get the item.

• Check this list of approved MoneyPak partners before you use your MoneyPak to pay.

• Please keep these 8 tips in mind when using MoneyPak. Green Dot is not responsible for the quality or non-receipt of any goods or services you buy using your MoneyPak.