How it Works

With help and information from the public, Crime Stoppers is a very effective tool in the fight against crime. Crime Stoppers provides a secure and completely anonymous way for the public to pass on sensitive and pertinent information they may have related to on going criminal activity in their area as well as open and unsolved cases. Crime Stoppers never wants your name, only your information

There are 3 separate ways to submit an anonymous tip to Central MS Crime Stoppers. 

The 1st and most common is by calling the Tipline at 601-355-TIPS(8477). When this call is made, your information is taken over the phone by a call taker at a call center located in Texas. This call center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by personnel trained to receive and disseminate information related directly to Crime Stoppers Tips. The call center handles Crime Stoppers tip information for Crime Stoppers Chapters across the Nation. When you place a call to this center, any information related to your identity or the phone number you are calling from is encrypted and never seen by the call taker you would be talking with.  This is part of the process that helps protect your anonymity and privacy.  At the time of the call, a unique tip number will be assigned to the caller. 

The 2nd most common way that tips are received is through a link provided on this site to submit a "Web Tip". Just as with using a phone, any information that could possibly be used to identity the person providing the information is encrypted through a computer server and never made view able by anyone receiving the tip information. The Web Tip feature allows a person to submit information they have related to a crime in a secure manner and allows the user to provide specific detailed information at their own pace and convenience 24 hours a day. Another very useful feature is that it allows the user to log in any time after submitting the tip to provide additional information that may become available later as well as allows the user to be involved in a secure two way communication with local Law Enforcement that may be using the information provided in a way that is similar to sending and receiving email. This works through the secure software and server used to provide the tip information to begin with and maintains the anonymity of the person providing the information. The key to this is that the user log ins frequently to check for any messages that they may have received from Law Enforcement.

The 3rd way to submit your tip is through "Mobile Tip". You can download the free P3 App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can also simply log in by going to and submit your tip from there. At that point, your tip message is routed to Central MS Crime Stoppers through the same secure server that handles the web tip information and your tip is sent directly to the representative with Central MS Crime Stoppers. The best part about submitting information through a mobile tip, is that you are sending and can also receive a reply back from Law Enforcement in real time just like any other text. You may receive a response back in a short period of time from a local Law Enforcement officer within your area requesting more specific information if needed. If that where to occur, with the technology of Smart Phones, the person providing the tip information could actually update Law Enforcement in real time with photos, videos or any other pertinent information that may help lead to an arrest in the particular crime being reported.

If the information submitted by the caller leads to an arrest, law enforcement will submit that tip number to the board for approval of a reward up to $2500.00. 

 ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT CONTACTING CRIME STOPPERS IS NOT MEANT TO SUPPLEMENT 911 IN AN EMERGENCY. Always report an immediate danger to yourself or another by calling 911 for immediate help and assistance. Reporting information to Crime Stoppers is intended for follow up information and tips that may help lead to an arrest in an unsolved open case or known criminal activity in your area.